Sunday, May 11, 2008

Knitting progress so far

Here this fine Mother's Day, I've completed the second of two hats for my cousin Jenny who is going to be a mother again on Wednesday. Now there are two little pink matching hats. One for her daughter Madison, and one for Emma, who will be born this Wednesday. I really like the idea of a big sis gift. They're made with the same yarn, Sirdar Baby Bamboo, which is 80% bamboo, 20% superwash merino. It's incredibly soft, which is nice for a hat, but did make this yarn a bit of a pain to use. I have one more skein that I bought as a just in case it was needed, but they did each take exactly one skein (97 yards) with a little modification. I did the decreases every other row for the first 4 rows after the pigtail hole, then every other row. I started to see that the skein was running short and didn't want to run out. It makes the hat a little short, but it's so cute, I think it will work just fine.

Here is how tiny it is when it's not stretched. It's just a little bigger than my open palm.
But it looks cute, and is a hat I'd definitely wear myself!

I've also made it completely through Jeff's first sock, and have made very good progress on the second!
(do you like my yellow vest in that shot?)
Now that I have one project off the needles, I"m going to start on a pair of socks for myself, for when I need a change from shades of brown!

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