Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Callay's Lipoma, Post-op Update 7

So she's started licking at it, AND it's started swelling. I'm glad we have a 1-week checkup today. I'm supposed to get the news today that I can leave her to her own, going in and out of her doggie door, but that may not be an option yet. I'll update when I get back from the Vet's office. Here's a picture of the swelling. I noticed it first last night, and if one area is pressed on, another swells. Gross. maybe the doc will put in a drain or something, we'll see.

UPDATE: Well, Dr. French said that it's actually looking really good, much better than she had hoped, and that I can apply warm compresses to it to encourage it to weep, and apply a little pressure to encourage it along. All good (if gross) things. Oh, and Doc said no running outside yet for another three days, so that means working at home the rest of the week. I love my job. My boss is totally cool with that, and I'm even more productive actually, at home.

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