Sunday, May 27, 2007

WOW, Spinning Wheels!!!

Okay, so I have to act fast, but I have the chance to get these spinning wheels. The first one is being offered for $75 and the second for $50. I feel fairly confident I can make them work if they've got problems, but even if I can't they're pretty and I could use them for decoration.


UPDATE: I have purchased them both. For only $125, it's worth it, especially since I just like the look of the really antique one. I'm going to refurbish the Ashford (the smaller one on the bottom) and use it to spin. The antique I'm not going to touch until I have it looked at more closely, it's pretty just the way it is!


Lori H said...

Wow -- what a great deal. I would get them both. My hubby made me a wheel and it cost over $100 to make one for just the hardware and materials, so this is definitely a good buy. Happy spinning :)

cathy said...

Those are great wheels- what a deal! :)