Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Callay's Lipoma, Post-op Update

So Callay woke up just fine and Dr. French said she woke in no pain and didn't even act as though she had had surgery. Here she is relaxing on her bed in the office, she's still a little tired and walking silly from the anethesia, but that should wear off soon. She's wearing one of Jeff's old T-shirts to prevent her from licking at the sutures, which will come out in two weeks.

Not for the squeamish, but also not too bad is a shot of the surgery site. Dr. French did a great job and it looks like it will be a nice even looking scar. I posted it small on purpose, but if you want a better look you can click on it. The redness that's a bit away from the incision site is because she put a bandage on it while she was recovering, and then took it off. I think that hurt her more than the surgery did! She also has nice minty breath and shiny clean teeth!

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