Saturday, May 19, 2007

Farmer's Market

So the Farmer's Market is going great! The baking endeavor has both Ana and myself well in the black already, and my craft stuff has been selling well. In addition to the corn bags, Here are a couple of the things I've been offering.

The first is a coffee cup cozy. So far this has sold about half a dozen, to eco-minded individuals who want to carry their own cozy rather than add a piece of cardbord from a hand insulator to the landfill. They're really pretty and made from either cotton yarn or from wool. I think I like the cotton ones the best, but the wool ones really protect the hand from the heat.

Second is cool neck scarves. I had one of these which I purchased from an art fair a long time ago. It works very well for keeping the neck cool, and is filled with polymer beads which were designed for being able to grow plants in the desert. According to the website where they were purchased, 6oz holds 1 gallon of water! I do have more colors available, but they sold and I have to make more. Yay!

They should both be up on Ana's website soon (once she gets the pictures from my blog!) and will be available to sell online, or in person when I see people or at the farmer's market.

I really enjoy doing the farmer's market. Especially the baking, and not just because baking is fun. I HAVE to keep my kitchen clean during the week, otherwise I would be frantically cleaning it in the approximately 5 minutes I usually have between returning home from sparring and Eric and Ana coming over for our Friday night baking. That would not be good. So I (and Jeff) keep it clean all week. Now that "Must Keep Clean" attitude has rubbed off on other aspects of our house, which is doubly awesome.

Okay, rambling about cleaning done! I'm off to take Callay for a pre-op appointment. She has a large lipoma on her side that Wednesday she'll be getting removed, while she's under anasthesia anyway for a dental cleaning. So she'll have clean teeth, fresh breath and a scar. Poor baby. I'm taking a couple of days to work at home so she can be more comfortable and I can make sure she's not hurting herself.